if you don’t look at this and think cas would be the mouthiest little shit of a sub, i have some news for you friend

Anonymous: just so you know there is a way for you to figure out who is sending these..

Oh I know but thanks for the heads up. I got all of their I.P. addresses and reported them. Unless they have rerouted I.P.’s, they’ll be blocked from blogged ever again. 

dongboard: I will rise with the fires of hell and annihilate the asshat that insulted you

ugh I don’t even care I just think it’s stupid that these jerks are getting mad about something that wasn’t a problem and are trying to fix it by becoming the largest anuses ever

Anonymous: how old are you anyways?


Anonymous: fuck you

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and stop answering the mean messages because there are about 20 and I’m sure no one wants to sit through 20 more messages. But you guys need to think about what you’re doing. Why are you getting so mad about someone saying something kinda mean if you’re going to go and tell them that they’re ugly or stupid or that they need to kill themselves. That’s definitely a little worse. Calm down and take a chill pill. You can’t fix what you think is wrong by being a jerk.

dongboard: I want to personally call someone an asshat

Me too, thank you

dongboard replied to your post: anonymous asked:what a dumb ugly …


Dude?? I don’t know what’s happening. Like I sent someone a nice message to cheer them up and I got like 20 messages telling me to kill myself or that I’m ugly or whatever the fuck

tuscanystuff replied to your post: anonymous asked:what a dumb ugly …

Wow, why are they being so mean to you? :( Don’t listen to them.

Hey thanks, I might just turn off anon for a while

Anonymous: What's so bad about hipsters? I don't get it.

Dude, if you can show me exactly where I said there was anything wrong with hipsters then you win, but I’ve never said anything bad about them

Anonymous: what a dumb ugly bitch lol i looked at your blog to see if you were just stupid but to add insult to injury youre ugly af

What the heck is going on. What would make you want to say that to someone?